Event Description: Paro Tsechu is one of the most popular festivals in Bhutan. Featuring dances performed by trained monks and laymen in amazing masks and costumes, Tsechus (festivals) are one of the best ways to experience the ancient living culture of Bhutan. A Tsechu is a Buddhist festival in honor […]

Gomphukora Festival

Event Description: Gom Kora or actually Gomphu Kora (Gomphu meaning Mediation Place and Kora means Circumambulation). Guru Rinpoche meditated here and left a body impression on the rock. It is believed that Guru Rimpoche subdued an evil dragon here crushing it into the rock leaving impressions of the dragon’s body […]

Tsirang Tshechu

Event Description: The annual Tshechu is the biggest festival in the southern town of Tsirang. The festival attracts people from all over the region. Several different kinds of mask dances are performed. Local and traditional dances and music add color to the festive mood. The Thongdrol (large tapestry) of Guru […]

Rhododendron Festival

  Event Description: Rhododendron Festival is held at the Royal Botanical Park. All the rhododendron species found in Bhutan will be displayed in the garden walk exhibition along with other plant species. There will be programs on the environment,  culture arts and crafts followed by traditional cuisine and games, and […]

Chukha Teshchu

Chukha Teschu Chukha Teshchu is a three-dayTschechu, which compromise different types of masked dances and cultural items. These are basically offerings to Guru Padmasambhava every year. During this Tschechu, thousands of devotees congregate at the courtyard of the newly built Dzong to witness the religious Chams which are considered sacred […]

Jomolhari Mountain Festival

Jamolhari Mountain Festival Jamolhari mountain festival is a community-based initiative, which combines most scenic trekking routes in Bhutan with a cultural festival celebrated at the base of Mount Jamolhari. It is celebrated each year, with an aim of promoting and raising awareness of the conservation of the snow leopard and […]

Gangtey Tshechu

The Gangtey Goempa The Gangtey Goempa is observed as an annual religious festival all over Bhutan. The festival showcase different types of sacred masks dances and cultural dances. The festival is highlighted with a receiving of spiritual blessing called the Nguedrup Langwa. Just one sight of the festival is so […]

Thimphu Tshechu

Thimpu Tshechu Thimpu Tshechu is a three-day religious event that plays a very important rule in the life of Bhutanese as it is considered as an opportunity for Buddhist followers to immerse and cleanse themselves of the bad karma and remind them of what makes of their lives. Thimpu Tschechu […]

Mountain Echoes Literary festival

Mount Echoes Literary Festival Soon the ninth edition of the famous literary event, known as “Mountain Echoes literary festival” is going to be held in Bhutan. It is basically an initiative of India Bhutan Foundation, in association with Siyahi, with an aim to bring together all writers, biographers, historians, environmentalists, […]

Panukha Tschechu, Bhutan

Panukha Tschechu A festival, which plays a great role in preserving Bhutan’s culture and heritage, was actually found in 2005. After many requests from Punakha district and local Temple, Panukha Tschehcu was introduced. From that time, the festival is still celebrated every year, with the same enthusiasm and joy. Event […]

Black Necked Craned Festival

Black Necked Craned Festival. Another big festival of Bhutan is Black Necked Crane Festival, which is celebrated annually in the courtyard of Gangtey Gonpa, which is located at Phobjikha Valley. Different from other festivals, this festival is celebrated to mark the arrival of endangered and most majestic bird, which becomes […]

Thimpu Tshechu and Thimpu Drubchen, Thimpu, Bhutan

Thimpu Tshechu & Thimpu Drubchen One of the biggest festivals of Thimpu, Bhutan includes Thimpu Tschen. It is a grand festival and from 7 days prior Thimpu Druchen takes place. Thousands of people travel to here at this time, especially, just to offers prayers and rituals, which are believed to […]

Lhuentse Tshechu

Lhuentse Tshechu or religious celebration includes different veiled moves and customary social moves. The Tshechu is led for 5 days every year at the patio of the Lhuentse Dzong. More than a huge number of lovers from everywhere throughout the valley assemble at the yard to witness the moves and […]

Gelephu Dratshang Tshechu

Gelephu Dratshang Tshechu is held at Gelephu Dratshang in Sarpang locale. A huge number of enthusiasts go to the three-day celebration to witness the different masked dances that are performed by priests of the Dratshang at the celebration. Social items are additionally exhibited at the celebration to engage the general […]

Dekiling Tshechu

Dekiling Lhakang watches a multi-day celebration. Collections of otherworldly masked dances are displayed amid the celebration followed after by engaging in social things. Local people from adjacent towns accumulate at the Lhakang to witness the celebration and inundate in the social topic. DATE:  November 23, 2018 LOCATION: Gelephu, Bhutan

Bhutan Australia Friendship Offer 2018

To honor the 15 long periods of strategic ties amongst Bhutan and Australia, the Royal Government of Bhutan is satisfied to introduce the “Bhutan-Australia Friendship Offer”. The offer expands rebates and exclusion of the base day by day tax arrangement for Australians going by Bhutan in 2018. Amid this time […]

Gangtey Tshechu

The Gangtey Goempa watches a yearly religious celebration in its yard. The Tshechu contains displaying of various consecrated masked dances and social moves. Individuals from close-by towns and around the nation assemble at the Goempa to witness the veiled moves. Community individuals submerge in religious vitality by dressing in their […]

Thimphu Tshechu

Thimphu Tshechu begins on the tenth day of the eighth lunar month. The three-day religious occasion assumes an essential part in the lives of Bhutanese individuals as it is an open door for the Buddhist supporters to inundate and purify themselves of the terrible Karma and to help them to […]

Tour of the Dragon

Tour of the Dragon is a yearly universal off-road bicycle race in Bhutan. Viewed as one of the hardest multi-day trailblazing bicycle race on the planet, the occasion has pulled in brave cyclists from over the globe to take an interest in this opposition of which numerous have neglected to […]

Ura Matsutake Mushroom Festival

The yearly matsutake celebration is held at the beautiful Ura valley in Bumthang in the focal part of Bhutan. Ura valley is known for its excellent valleys and accommodating individuals hindering the valleys. Activities at the celebration: Pick mushrooms: Guests can figure out how to recognize matsutake alongside other eatable mushrooms […]

Matsutake Mushroom Festival

Genekha, a confined town in Thimphu has a yearly multi-day mushroom celebration in August. Amid the celebration, the villagers advance the prevalent Tricholoma Matsutake. This pined for mushroom is known for its fragrant and succulent flavor. For the individuals of the community, collecting the wild mushroom is a noteworthy wellspring […]

Trashigang Tshechu

Trashigang Dzong grasps a yearly celebration which is viewed as one of the real occasions for eastern Bhutan. The celebration figures out how to get a handle on a great deal of attention and spectators as it known for its profound significance containing different holy masked dances and moves and […]

Mongar Tshechu

Mongar Dzong holds a multi-day long Tshechu consistently in its yard. Aficionados from close-by region accumulate at the patio of the Dzong to witness the masked dances which are joined by social dances to engage the spectators. Masked dances are a huge piece of religious culture in Bhutan and supporters […]

Jambay Lhakang Drup

The Jambay Lhakhang Drub is one of the interesting occasions in focal Bhutan. The five-day occasion incorporates different chams/moves, for example, Tercham (the exposed naked dance ), Mewang (fire favoring), Meacham, Ging Tsholing cham (move of Earth and Sky Heroes), Zhana Cham (Black Hat Dance) and some more. Come, witness, […]

Trongsa Tshechu

Trongsa choekor Rabtse Dzong watches a yearly three-day Tshechu in the yard of the Dzong. Combinations of masked moves are performed by the priests and customary society tunes and moves are likewise displayed by local people as an offering to the considerable Guru Padmasambhava and the neighborhood divinities. A huge […]

Sonamthang Tshechu

The multi-day celebration contains an assortment of veil moves and social customs for stimulation. The celebration is seen in Panbang under Zhemgang District. A sensible measure of groups from adjacent neighborhoods gather at the site to witness the religious dances and be honored by the spreading of a huge Thongdrol […]

Chukha Tshechu

The Chukha Ngedrup Tse Dzong watches a three-day Tshechu containing diverse masked danced moves and social customs as an offering to the Guru Padmasambhava consistently. DATE: October 17-19, 2018 LOCATION: Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Jomolhari Mountain Festival

This mountain celebration joins a standout amongst the most picturesque trekking courses in Bhutan with a social celebration celebrated at the base of the Mount Jomolhari. The celebration is a community-based activity for advancing and bringing issues to the light of the protection of the snow panther and furthermore commends […]

Black Necked Crane Festival

Each winter the cranes relocate south to the valley from Tibet and fly back late-winter. In a quest for Bhutan’s responsibility to moderate and reinforce the natural framework, the winter living space for these jeopardized feathered creatures has been recognized and ensured. This celebration is an event for local people […]

Haa Summer Festival

Haa summer celebration is a festival of itinerant convention and special culture of the Haa valley. The celebration commends the customary living– culture and it is to show an understanding of the way of life of migrant herders. The visitors can learn and witness the art of Yak Shearing and wool […]

Dungsigma Tshechu

This is one of Bhutan’s religious Tshechus. It is celebrated in the areas of  Dungsingma village in Yurung gewog which fall under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag. People from all across the country gather during this festival to observe masked dances and receive blessings. DATE: June 23, 2018 LOCATION: Dunsigma, Bhutan

Nimalung Treldha

Nimalung Tshechu is a 3-days celebration, and it is begun with the standard charms and moves performed in different dzongkhags yet on the last day, individuals are honoured with the show of Guru Tshengye Thongdrol toward the beginning of the day. For the last day of the celebration, individuals additionally […]

Der Choed

This is one of Bhutan’s most prominent and unique festivals. It is honoured in the areas of Trong gewog of Zhemgang. The main feature of this festival is the staging act of masked dances throughout the celebrations of the festival. It takes place annually, usually for a period of three days. […]

Panghar Choedpa

The celebration is held at Pangkhar religious community in Ura, Bumthang. Legend has it that when the cloister was under development, langurs helped during the evening while people used to work amid the day. Subsequently the name – prakar – which truly means white monkey. This celebration praises the root […]