Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show (DIFS)

International Textile & Garment, Yarn & Fabric Show Soon, the Dhaka International Yarn & Fabric Show is going to be held in Bangladesh. It is the best marketplace for textile business as well as for the presentation of new latest fabrics and trends. The event is the best choice of […]

Bangladesh International Tourism Fair (BITF)

BITF Soon, the most famous, 3-day event of Bangladesh International Tourism Fair is going to be held in Bangladesh.  The event will showcase all the goodies of Bangladesh including products like Credit Card Company, Transport & Car Rental, Travel Accessories Shop, Tourism Publication & Film Maker, Tourism Property Developer, Adventure […]

Lalon Festival

The second of the two yearly, three-day contemporary music celebrations are held to pay tribute to the best Baul of all, Lalon Shah. This one denotes the commemoration of his passing. Make a beeline for Kushtia on 17 October and catch heart-wrenching performances! DATE: October 17, 2018 LOCATION: Kushtia, Bangladesh

Maha Raas Leela

This Hindu celebration, which praises a youthful Lord Krishna, pulls in up to 200,000 pioneers to the Kantanagar Temple close Dinajpur and is held at full moon in the month of November. Additionally, this festival is also celebrated with enthusiasm at Dubla Char, a remote island in the Sundarbans. DATE: November […]

Bengal Classical Music Festival

A four-day music festival, held in Dhaka, highlighting the classical Bengali music. Join in for this wonderful experience along with acclaimed artists. DATE: November 2018 VENUE: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka International Folk Festival

A well known multi-day melodic festival of society music, with craftsmen from Bangladesh, the Indian subcontinent and past. DATE: November, 2018 VENUE: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka Comicon

Demonstrating that Bangladesh is particularly part of the world that the nerd might acquire, Dhaka’s Comicon is a consistently developing social event for devotees of popular culture, from comics and motion pictures to computer games and anime. DATE: December 2018 VENUE: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Durga Puja

The most excellent celebration for Bangladesh’s Hindu populace, this four-day celebration hails Durga, the mother goddess and slayer of evil spirits, with extraordinary custom magnificence. Vivid brief structures called pandals are developed in various stops over the city, lodging gigantic mud symbols of the goddess, and a whirlwind of functions […]

Dhaka Literarture Festival

A highpoint of Dhaka’s social timetable, this jewel of a celebration raises the pennant high for freedom of thought in a nation where it is now and then under danger. Expect a vivacious program of talks highlighting authors and scholars from Bangladesh, the Indian subcontinent and more remote abroad. Passageway […]