Ali Etemadi Concert, London

  Ali Etemadi Concert, London – Dec 25th Concerts are the live plays where one gets a chance to enjoy the live performance of singers. That is what is going to happen on 25th Dec. There is a live concert of Ali Etemadi. People are invited to enjoy the music […]

Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament

Canadian Afghan Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament Interested in sports and that too in Soccer, here is the fun time for you to witness the tournament which is going to be help on 29 and 30 Dec, 2018. This will be followed by lots of fun including music, dance , games […]

Afghanistan Night 2019

Afghanistan Night 2019 Again a night which will make you do fun, joy and lots of entertainment followed by music, dance, drama, comedy and many other events. People are invited to witness and beautiful; and full of fun night. Event date – 12 Jan, 2019 5:00-11:30 Pm. Venue – Hayfield […]

Mustafa Sufi Live in Denmark

  Mustafa Sufi Live in Denmark – Dec 30, 2018 Music is love of many and many have their favorite singers as well. What if you get a chance to hear your singer’s voice live. Yes, there is a live concern where Mustafa Ali will be performing live. People are […]

Ladies Night New Year Gala 2019

Ladies Night New Year Gala 2019 People who want to make this new year celebration full of joy and experience great fun are invited to attend this event which will be followed by fashion show, poetry and many more things. Event Date- 3rd Jan, 2019 Venue –  Sky palace Amsterdam, […]

Afghanistan Bond Street Theatre: Youth-Led Community Projects

“It gave me hope for my own future and helped me analyze issues within my personal life and my community. And it helped me to find solutions for these difficult issues.” Here are some of the community projects organised by Bond Street Theatre: Kunar – The female youth volunteers of Kunar […]

Creativity in Action: Youth-Led Community Projects

Bond Street Theatre’s Creativity in real life venture has prepared more than 375 youth from 25 Afghan regions to learn administration aptitudes and execute neighbourhood change ventures. Groups experienced thorough initiative preparing in their home territories through workshop sessions utilizing theatre and expressions activities to encourage inventive critical thinking. In […]

Bond Street Theatre – Creating Awareness

Bond Street Theatre, am NGO in association with the United Nations DPI has propelled a multiyear program to illuminate natives about their legitimate rights and securities through theatre exhibitions in schools, markets and areas where individuals gather. At present, a great part of the nation depends on customary committees for […]

Theatre for Social Development in Afghanistan

Creating theatre for Kandahar The Maiwand Theater Company in Kandahar used to direct 2 weeks of workshops and 2 weeks of exhibitions for their trainees. The programs used to be showcased in Jalalabad. The Kandahar theatre group comprised of six male performing artists in addition to six ladies who might […]